Thursday, April 30, 2009

"When Life offers you a Dream so far beyond any of your Expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an End." - Twilight.!

How amazed I am to see the reflection of the above Quotes so clear in the Mirror of My Life. I ve always been a loyal Day & Night Dreamer throughout My life. From Madhavan to Manhattan, My dreams hav enormously tasted various spices of Life.

And finally Life blessed Me with a simply subtle dream. As impatient I am, i hardly concentrated on that totally boring dream but yet didnt feel like ending it up too..Whereas it continued spreading over like a venom in Me so slowly dat I hadnt even realised its Effect. Just Like the American army's conquer over Iraq, the Dream had strategically conquered all phases of My life. I went so drowned in its Peace, that i had almost let go all the other happening clumsy Lifeboats I had. 

In d midst when a drop of consiousness fell over me i realised that outside My li'l dream world so much had changed, and so intensely. It made me feel a little bit dizzy, like I was standing on an edge, a precipice somewhere much too high. I was so lost in the intoxication of the venom, that i failed to respond to the instincts of Reality..I had Fallen in love with My Dream. 

As said by Bella Swan, Change was coming. I could feel it. It wasn’t a pleasant prospect, not when life was perfect the way it was. And at such moments Ignorance is perfectly a Bliss. Well yeah not for long. The more I ignored the alarms of Change, the more it Stung harder..Finally Change had arrived like a Ferocious Vampire in My Garden of Dreams. Before I could call My senses , It launched its Bite right on My throat..When I was expecting it to suck my blood just like a Typical vampire, It rather surprised me with its crooked smile. While I was working on the mystery of its smile, It had slowly pushed in its venom into my body. I gasped and the Vampire disappeared this time with a triumphant Smile. 

The venom of change had apparently killed the essence of My Life - "My Dream"! I Screamed like a newborn who had recently lost the comfort and secureness of her Mother's womb..The blood had flowed happily with its new venom mate into My heart. The waves of pain that had only lapped at me before now reared high up and washed over my head, pulling me under. Inspite of the arrogant pain,I had managed to wander in the dark lanes of My Mind in Search of My Lost Dream..Though the Multiplied drops of consiousness pricked me to sense Reality, but I moved forward without thinking. I could not do anything else. I had to keep searching. If I stopped looking for My Dream, it was over. Life - Meaning - Over!

It was like In search of Nothing and found Nothing...The longer My Search went The deeper the venom set fire on My heart...It seemed like Pain had fallen in love with me and got more and more wilder kissing me...I Cried. It reached the ears of the Friendly stars of My reality. They tried to pull me out to the Reality. But My hands couldnt reach them. I still wonder if it was intentional as I Know for sure if i would wake up it would soon be as if the Dream had never existed.

It went just like this line "Forbidden to Remember; Terrified to Forget..It was a Hardline to walkthrough!" 

Finally, The Venom made its way successfully to My brain. Before i could be happy about its departure from My Heart , It stung. Yes, as soon as venom punched My Mind with the truth of My Dream's death, I swallowed the drug of numbess and kicked the pain out of Me. As a tradeoff i said Goodbye to My best buddy Emotions..!

At the Final lap when I decided its hightime, I should wake up..I gave a quick kiss to the soul of My Dream and tried to open My Eyes. It struggled a bit yet it sincerely followed My order..When I Finally woke up to Hug My Reality, It spitted a secret fact to My numb Mind. 

Apparently in the time flow My Reality had turned into a Dream :)

The End.

Scribbled by Alvia at 7:15 AM | 8 Gr8 Souls Say..