Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey hi hellozz 2 all yu folks around dere!!

Have no Clue on wer 2 begin So will start vth yu usual borin intro line;)

P.S: i m nOt HeRe 4 An eSsay ComPEtitiOn.....So plz KiNdLy beAr Me 4 Ma Chat CoDes!!;)

As My profile says nd so do all those around me...I am Known As "The Alvia" Oopz neahhhh Jus "Alvia" nD i badly wish i could add dat "The" 2 My Name soon:)

First and foremostly d very thing dat comes 2 mind wen i think abt myself s dat "
I love Myself a Lott".... you may ask wats so special in me?? i say- i dun need any reason 2 love me...coz afterall Der s only 1 Me!!

Well basically regardless of others opinions, i feel i m an enthufied, fun-loving, cheerful, Easy
2 Spk person whose biggest motive in life is 2 cross d gr8 wall of china...lol....jus kiddin.:P

No big motive and all....
I jus wanna Live Life 2 d fullest wthout any regrets!! Something i really thrive for in Life is 2 Launch My Identity as i already mention 2 add the "The" 2 my name!!I Want to acheive the purpose of life dat ends it wth earnest satisfaction..May sound unRealistic but dat still makes sense coz Life s jus once nd i dont believe in rebirth nd stuff..So ds 1 life i wanna Live it n d Best ever way i Can!!

Actually i think a lot!! i mean dat thinkin constitutes a combination of sensible and stupid thingz!! but who cares i love thinkin crossin all limits Coz its free of cost:) and yea ds reminds another Free-of-Cost thingyy i do is
I "Smile" I love smiling!! regardless of d situation,surrounding,comments,compliments,criticisation nd crapz I Smile:)

So ds s d intro part 4 my blogging.....i mean d concept "Me" s very vast...so i will love 2 split and describe under categories
coz Blogin s also Free-of-cost:P oh i lOvE thingz vch r F-O-C!!<-i m damn lazy 2 write d full form-:D>

<------For all dose who have either had a glance over d highlighted lines or those awesome souls who read d entire post...thanx 4 spendin ur valuable minutes here...oh yea i love people who spend der tym 2 Know abt Me....Have A Rockin kewl DAy/Nyt!!;) Keep Smilinggg!!!:) tAdaO!!------>

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