Saturday, September 20, 2008
Now dat YipPieee is 4 Two Phenomenal ReasoNz....Bother 2 Know?? Beloww Marchhh :P

* I was Awarded By Arjun who acknowledged me with the "Brilliante Weblog Premio-2008" Award....

Though i have got some Relishable Awards In My College dayz..Damn i was never given d opportunity 2 deliver a All-famous-Award speech...It was usually a norm 2 get d Award 4m Princi/Judge/chief guest nd Given an Ishhmyleee 2 d crowd nd 2 get down:((

But now i m not in a Mood 2 give anyyy speech now...Still i would like 2 Thank Arjun 4 being So kind enuf 2 Read all My Scribblingz and now 2 even acknowledge it wth an Award :O Man, i adore ur Tolerance..Lolz :P

P.S: My Laziness Factor is Cursing him bigtym 4 Being 1 of d Root reason of Me Killing My Love - Sleep nd 2 write a Post here...:D

Nywayz enuf of Crap, lemme Now take D Honourable Oppurtunity Of PassinG down D Award 2 Few other bLogging Soulz..Aaaw i feel like an X-Miss World givin Her crown 2 d Y-Miss world vth Fakeey Ishmylee ;)

So here I present it to 3 People whose Blog i Ve been SpYin every Break tym:

Vedha - My darling Devil...Who Blogs on her Roller-Coaster ride 2wards Life...Amongst Her 1001 talentz Bloggin Has got itz place too :)

Arjun - One totally blessed soul with d Gift of Humour...U can Probably have tasted a pinch of F.R.I.E.N.D.S show in his Fiction Coated posts...Kindly keep serving Ur Fun Filled Recipes ;)

Tushar - Another gr8 buddy Of Mine who is totally an Inspiration 4 Bloggers..He has had the best of works on his credit..Though the Ever Best Was "Jagruti"...Way 2 Go Chap!

Fynally I m done vth d Tedious of Job Of Posting Under pressure..Lol Oh yea i havent completed My process Of buggin u since d second reason 2 My Meowisshhh Yippie sound s yet 2 Be revealed :P

*Introducing u My brand new mobile...Moto Rokr E6...Ha ha after slagging a long way vth My Moto Slvr i ve finally found a Break....:D

After a Gr8 deal Of torture delivered 2 My Dad 4 d respective Reason, I Took him aloNg 2 "The Mobile Store" With an Idea of Plannin 2 Shower My Droolingz over Sony ericcson S500i I entered but unfortunately d model was no more available :( And der by i was subjected 2 a bigger torture dan Me..:O Vch was supposed 2 b d salesGuy of d store...Such a Non-Stop Blabberer who almost killed my Tolerance for 25 mins :(( Indeed at 1 point of Time, I was scolding God 4 not attaching a Mute Button with this salesGuy :X

Thereby I managed 2 Get in My choices btween Sony W850i and Moto Rokr E6...Nd it was pretty easy 4 Me 2 Go in Vth Moto Rokr since Abhishek baby's ad Flashed in My mind nd der by i blushed givin a signal 2 My dad 2 dat i choose ds Abhishek oopZ sorry Moto Rokr E6...

P.P.S: Ash , if any Day u Get 2 read My Blog Dare Not U Grin... :X

So here it is My Sexy Black Touch sensitive Moto Rokr pulling My lips at extremes 2 Deliver My Ishmyleee :D

P.P.P.S: A Note 2 My Dumbo Enemy who By now reading ds would have said "Stop Boasting U Idiot"...My reply would be "Jealousy is injurious 2 health" :P

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Scribbled by Alvia at 3:22 AM |
5 Gr8 Souls saY..

At September 20, 2008 at 6:58 AM, Blogger Tshhar Mangal Sayz...
OMG So much honor
Cant even think of a thank you speech
Still thanks Alvia :-)

And now that you have got an award for your blog, doesn't mean that u will get more lazy on this blog :X

And a biggg Congo for your new phone.

At September 20, 2008 at 7:34 AM, Blogger Arjun Sayz...
Anything i say now would be an understatement.. But anyway, Thank u soo much.... hehe.. u want to know the reason y..?? Ur princi n teachers had atleast given u awards earlier.. But all the awards i received were punishments.. ;)
So i took the opportunity to give a speech through my blog... If ppl cant tolerate, the max they'll do is to close the tab... Risk free, u see..

I too had a Moto SLVR... Thankfully i lost it n hence bought a new one....
Enjoy with Abhishekh.. ;)


At September 20, 2008 at 7:40 AM, Blogger Alvia Sayz...
@ Tushar

Well u deserve it Yaar..:)

Oopz so many enemies 4 my Laziness...ha ha...nd thanx 4 d congo ;)


Lolzz Arjun dont take d credit of punishments urself, even i hav got dem equally :P

Thanx 4 d wish Nd same Pinch 4 d x-moto slvr :D

At September 20, 2008 at 7:08 PM, Blogger Vedha Sayz...
Aah... me is the very touched. Alvia the beshtu... and I give you one award- "Only blogger who posts with alternate capital and small letters!"

And MotoRokr... super cool :)

At September 26, 2008 at 10:30 PM, Blogger The Vulnerable VERBOSE Sayz...
humour is the best policy and how do u get it.....

and an award to match it