Sunday, August 3, 2008
Well i Know i m a 24 hrs late in Wishing ds..Still In d other Part Of d Globe It would be Still Aug3 :P Normally 4 Such Occasions We Jus copy a Beautiful Poem/card 4m d web and post it over 4 a Wish...But I Dont Wanna do dat ds Tym...coz However pathetic it maybe i want the wish to be My Own..So here Goes It...


Alvia aka ( Chikki, Aloo, Toofy, Shonu, Olives, Alviii, Aloe Vera, Al, Dumbo, Aluvviiiaaa, StrawberrO, SissO, SweetO, dawwlingU, Junglee etC etC)


My F.R.I.E.N.D.S aka (DonkeYz, MonkeYz, StupiDz, IdioTz, DumbOz, StuppOz, SissOz, ShonUz, DumbasSz, EnemYz, !@#$%^&*z, DoGz etC etC)

Sub: A Request 2 All My Never 2 b Gr8 Friendz :D

UnRespected Devilz Of My Lyf,

I am suffering from Severe Disease of Missing U Awl Since d Last tym V Said Bye. So, i request You all to Kindly Send Me D Pain relief Dose -> "HuG vth Love" ASAP! I would Be Way Too Glad If even U Had a Bit Of The same Disease Caused By Me!! If so Dont forget 2 Avail Ur Medicine at d End of this Mail..:)

As Time Continues 2 Flow at Higher Speed Accompanied By Morons Like Career, Priorities Responsibilities, Dreams, Social Network Etc Etc Itz Tough 2 Have even Li'l Pit Stop breakz @ d Junction Of FriendshiP. No time neither for Realising How Special We r 2 some1 nor 2 Make Some1 realise how much He/She mean 2 Us!! And der Comes Blessed dayz lyk B'dayz, friendship dayz etc etc 2 Stop D journey 4 a second By A call/message And finally Restart Again Vth a Li'l Kiss Of Memories..Life Goes On and On...So If @ any Point Of life I Forget 2 Make My Pit Stop @ Ur Doorstep Plz Do Kindly Kick Me and Say " Dare Not U Forget 2 Disturb Me!" and Plz Remember.. It applies Vice Versa :D

Each of U hav really Bought Life into My World!! Thanx 4 Being so Special, Stupid, Idiotic, Irritating, LovinG, HugginG, dependable, supportive, Torturous, Teasing, Criticizing, Complementing and Fynally being Der 4 Me!! Ur Presence had made a Beautiful Mark In My World Of Memories!! U guyz r D Best!! Rock On\m/

Love You Sooo Sooo Muchhhhh....I hereby Promise 2 Continue My Tortures Till D last daY Of My Lyfe and even Later as a Devilish Angel Scaring U Around:)

D below Is Dedicated 4 Awl U Special Souls 4 Giftin Me Ur Love!! all I saY is ....
"I'll Be there 4 Ya!"

Kicking You In Advance.!!.

Yours Loving Torture,

P.S: A Warm teddy HuG attached.{Virus Found.Error:137 :P} nd B Kind enuf 2 Give Me My Prescribed Dose in D Comments Section ;)

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Scribbled by Alvia at 10:47 PM |
4 Gr8 Souls saY..

At August 4, 2008 at 2:06 AM, Blogger Peace Sayz...
prescription frm Dr.frekOzoid..

list dat cud cure u when given to chimpZOO..
(1)a double cheej pidja
(2)a dark temptation
(3)a choclate gift hamper
(4)a big box a batook

PS.. for better result.. give all ovv d above togather n keep repeating until cured..

>>> HUGZZZZ <<<
<<< MWAAHZZ >>>
<><> LOUZZ <><>

At August 4, 2008 at 4:44 AM, Blogger Dan* Sayz...
agree with above !

you have a beautiful blog :)

At August 4, 2008 at 11:16 AM, Blogger Vedha Sayz...
Olives the donkey the monkey...

Happy Friendship day to you tooo!!!!

Miss you, and continue to torture me, cuz thats what keeps me going!!!!

At August 4, 2008 at 11:36 AM, Blogger CP Sayz...
to - ma allOOO aka strwberrooOO :D

from - ur ceepO aka monkii aka rasberrO :P


mmwahhh ;)

keep postin :D