Monday, April 21, 2008

Well i ve won 3 events luckily in the siet inter-collegiate cults and dose girlz wer too sweet 2 give landmark gift vouchers instead of d usual Beauty parlour discount vouchers dat we wuld hardly use....ooPz we rather prefer Trophies....

If in Case U r still not Able 2 get wat i m sayin den be happy u R Totally Sane Unlike me :P Well yeahh Alvia and Her inter-college cultural experiences mus b a separate blog so lemme b short and say dat i participate n cultural events nd once by vch i gt a landmark voucher worth rs.700 vch i never knew how 2 spend...Nd Finally decided 2 Buy a book 4 Rs.100 as a first use...but hold on book book book.....which book do i buy?? uff 4 ur information i m not dose gr8 followers of harry potter , da vinci code or watever....coz i m bigtym lazy 2 complete such big bookz nd moreover i get irritated 2 chck in 4 d dictionary everytym i find a jargon....whishhhh soo d only books i ve ever read till den was d gr8 writingz of chetan bhagat...yup d medium sized books vth masala nd ofcourse d word IIT alwayz strikes a chord on Me:D

Back 2 d topic, finally after browsing through books section...i found a book in d "landmark's fav section"..oops typical me d words "love story" and "iit" hit me ended up takin this book "Anything For You Ma'am- An iitian's love story" by Tushar raheja!!well once i read d title nd saw d cover page...My mind started explorin all d probabilities of wat d story could be??? An iitian who s Hittin on his lecturer,principal??? or Is it dat he s puttin maska over her...watever...i havent bought ds book for me...I need 2 gift a good or bad let she have it....

Back home...much bored...wondering wat 2 do???Hmmm okie lemme try readin ds book....first glanced over the author's pic...hee hee again typical me....but dun worry didnt like him much...coz he had a big nose....even Hrithik roshan does?? but still everythng suit Hrithik....awww.....okiee cut cut cut....Hrithik can b my next bck 2 d topic...after analyzing the author's pic i slowly went into d story....

"A young naughty fun filled boy tejas who is a typical flirtoo typzz tries his luck over his sister's friend...Nd hee is such a smart flirt dat d girl cant stop liking him....They bcme frendz...Then Lovers...blah blah blah....d prob is He lives in delhi nd she Lives In chennai...Distance Distance Distance......BIg barrier....But not 4 der love...coz Love is all abt d distance between's father finds out His daughter's secret Love.....So as obvious like an Indian Dad he Does all nataks...Not allowin her 2 visit Delhi anymore...blah blah....D Poor tejass fallin love sick missing his lady love.....wat 2 do???decides 2 visit chennai directlyy....but....It isnt as easy as the way show in British airways....things r different in d real out read d book....hav fun"

Probably u can call it a Bollywood movie.....But d journey s too good filled vth fun and laughter...I ve read the book more than 8 times within a month....Never got bored of it...The author has tried his level best 2 keep his readers in d mood...Personally, i loved d tejas character a lottt...Such a Naughty Fun filled Guy Who would Do anythin 4 His love...Thoda filmy toh hai...phir be chaltha hai...:P

The Good thing about the book is that its a total entertainer...No worries, No cribbing, No tragedies, No bad Endingz, in particular No Murders....Itz just Like watchin DDLJ Movie inside a book...And yeah with this Craze i asked many of my friends 2 read it...90% of dem liked it but one gr8 soul didnt find it people belonging 2 dat category..i m sorry probably itz not ur piece of cake....whatever ofcourse d book is worth for d 100 buckz u payy....So dats all abt it....C ya all Next time..Finally i defeated My laziness By writing a second blog...yippie...Nywayz tk care...Be happy...Keep Smiling...TadaO!!

P.S: OoopZ i Forgot 2 Mention...After Falling in Love with this Book I never Got D Heart 2 Gift 2 My friend...Hee hee...Typical Alvia again :P

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