Thursday, August 21, 2008
Aug 19th 2008 - NigHt 11:30 AM

I had Just Finished My Namaz Nd Was Proceedin 2wards My Ever lovely Bed!! On The Way I Stopped 2 Close My Windows in Order 2 Switch On The AC..Unusually I was Staring at d Outside Ceiling of The window thro My Netlon and almost felt a Stroke when I saw Him der trying 2 Peep In!

Inspite Of The Sudden Fright I managed 2 Console Myself nd Act Smart. I ve Swtiched Off d lights, Tightened the NetLon and Managed 2 Crawl Over 2 My bed. I Couldn't Sleep. His Images Kept on Flashin In My Mind and Simultaneously d Intensity Of My Fear Increased. I consoled Myself by sayinG "Dont worrY..He s Jus Outside.. So U r Outta danger...Close Ur Eyes Now nd Sleep!" After repeating dat 4 several times I managed 2 Get Into My Nap...

Aug 20th 2008 - Evening 6:40 PM

I Had jus den Switched off My lappY nd was Proceedin 2 think On the Tedious process of killing Time. So while wondering abt dat My Eyes accidentaly ended Up seeinG Him again. Oh No..Now He was Inside My Room..:((

"Mommmmmm" I Cried.

My Mom Came slowly and shouted "Y d Hell r U Screamin Crazily?"

I Pointed My Index Finger Towards Him and was almost freezed By Fright. There he was in a Little Tiny Figure , a light Brown colour and a Bulging Big Eyes.

His Name was "LizarD!" nd better known as a TinY Lizard!!

I know most Of U Guyz reading ds hav either expected such a Silly TurnOver! Well honestlY it isnt silly 4 me...I hate Lizards...They Freak Me out...Small Ones, big Ones, Fat Ones, Tiny Ones, Dark Ones, Light Ones etc etc...whatever category dey belong 2 der sole Motive is 2 Scare Me:((

My Mom Gave Me a Bad Look Nd she went off 2 her work..for almost 20 Mins My Eyes didn't move out of dat place.. Finally managed 2 get bck 2 d hall coz of a call...ha ha sounds rhyming..ain't it...Nywayz back 2 D stoRy! There I was tryin My all Luck nd Prayers 2 make dat a**h*** get Outta My Room..But Nothing Helped..He was Stuck der Lyk a Piece of crap..The More I saw Him D more I Hated Him..

And Der came the Nyt and still he was leisurely enjoyin His Vacation in My Bedroom :X I didnt dare 2 Enter My Room..Planned 2 sleep On d Sofa In My hall...There I realized..OMG a tiny winy Lizard has thrown Me Outta My Room..How Pathetic ds Can Be....I hate Him...i Hate him..I hate Him....Get Lost 4m My Room U Moron else will Kick ur ass AsaP!! [OoPz does It Has 1?:o]

So Herez My Story Of SorroW...Yup Yup Now i feel d Anger of Indian Freedom Fighters Who Wanted D BritisH 2 Get Outta Our Lovely Nation...Pata Nahi 4 how long i have 2 struggle 2 save the PrivacY Of My Dearest BedRooM...:(

And yea I have a Song 4 every SituatiOn..sO Here Comes d SonG 4 My Moment:

"Hum Honge kamyaB...Hum Honge KamyaB....Hum Honge KamyaB Ek din...Humko Hai Vishwas Pura hai vishwas Hum Honge Kamyab ek diN" :D

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HeY BunnY Bhabz Wish U ManY More HappY ReTurnS Of The day...WisH Ds Year Bringz U Loadz Of Happiness In Small package Dat is Exepcted SooN :P

Itz been Very special Havin U around as My Beautiful Bhabhi who tenDz 2 b such an amazIn Sweetheart all d way :)

Ds s My li'l Gift 4 Ya a day After Ur bdaY..Chaltha hai na ;)

Lovee ya Shoo Shoo Much...Be D Same SweeTo Bhabzzz!!

P.S : Ain't d Baby Bunny Looks Sho issheXy :D

With LoaDz Nd BaGz Of lOvE,

Alvia aka Aalu:)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008
The word Crush makes even the toughest one Blush!! And when the highlight is over the First Crush Butterflies always Swing their wings inside anyone's tummy in special Mine :P

It all started long long ago but not So long ago...Just 6 years from now..i was young that time oh yea i m young even now....i was on the way to end My Tenth std and so as expected all that public exam fear was having a silent corner in my mind...Since just like the term first crush even the term First public exam brings Tummy Butterflies but on the worser effect...:D

Now lets cut the crap and make the Hero enter the scene...not Hrithik roshan but rather someone Who can excite me more than Hrithik or Brad pitt does...He entered with few More cousins and an Aunty...i was in my room not much excited coz i normally dont find anything interesting about my relatives' visit.Someone opened my room's door and said "Hey alvi...How are you??" Oh it was my far aunt...i mean my dad's cousin..i liked her coz she always brings Delicious brownie whenever she visits us..the same question was repeated by the other guests..i nodded with a usual smile sayin "Oh i m doing gr8 just a bit hectic with my board prepz" And was Just checking out who all had come...There came a tall 6 feet thin fair GuY wearing a loose red shirt with blue denim jeans...Ohh it was was pretty longtime since i saw him...Approx. it was almost 6 reminded me of our last meet when i was just in my 4rth std and in that innocent age i used to think him and indeed ever other guy as my brother...aww how the hell would i know that i would have a crush on him..Not a prob big deal coz it was past..back to the present....Fynally we both caught each others Eyes and had 2 smile..oh it was obvious too....Hmmm but it happens every other person but y was i feelin special about it that i m remembering it even now?? so many questions arouse within me which i never felt to answer...the day went normal....but his face started flashing in my mind..oh yeah i was corrupted by seeing so many sharukh khan movies those tymz :P

OOpzz somehow i crossed my board examz managing with an 80% score..High school as usual rocked bigtym....Had the heaveanly dayz on earth while i was in my high much fun,masti etc etc :P I was in My 12th std....Rushing for maths tution that was the first ever tym i went for a tution coz my maths teacher sucked bigtym..ohh i hate her to the coreee....anywayz cut that crap too...My mom said something that stopped my Rush..."hey Alvia, MR.A will be coming to takeaway a parcel for his granny...can you wait here for few more mins coz i m kinda busy"

Awww images flashed in my mind...His smile...His voice....i could recollect everythng...But damn i had my maths exam tomorrow and i would flunk if i dont revise it in tution....Career or crush?? too many question marks were dancing in my mind as if i was some IIT student deciding about either His degree or his professor's Chetan bhagat's books influence me a lott:P Anyway Back to the story i thought of waiting for few mins after all the pleasure of seeing him will be more than that of scorin 3 marks extra in the exam:)Hmm but unfortunately after waiting for one whole hour i got irritated and went to my tutions...very obvious i cant do maths at all coz my whole mind was at home:( choo chaddd na....well i returned very soon to home but was pretty sure he wouldnt come...Got a shockin info..He had come homee nd left bfre i bad luck...D Entiree night i spent thinkin abt him and relating all the romantic song's lyrics 2 My Newly blossomed Crush or watever u Call it....

Well Dayz went by...We had a few more Meets @ his Granny's Place vch If i Describe would Take Hours 2 Complete..So Fast Forwarded...:P He flied abroad..when i thought it was all over...I got a BUZZ Online..Uhhh no excitationz..It was Jus My Bro who had been instructin me 2 add my relatives' Id 2 My Skype Contacts...It was not long when i realised "His" name on the screen..hmm as u guess i had his Id now..A Series of Smiles rushed/Blushed in My Face..:) After an Equation of Emotions, i Finally added him in My List..Waited 4 d Next Storm - Our First Online Chat!

Alvia will say " It was One of My Most Memorable Moments..talkin 2 him after was like so much of Excitement..He Sounded So Sweet...He was a bit Flirty too...We Chatted for 20 mins nd i relish those moments more dan nythn :) :) :) "

Mr.crush will say "what? which chat? with Alvia? ohhh yeah..But wats der 2 discuss abt it..I chat with everybody...It was jus 1 of y d hell r u askin me ds silly question?"

Funny but true. Crushes seriously makes SmartOs turn into D Gr8est DumbOs On Earth!! I even remember d way i Used 2 feel damn happy jus to hear a "take care" 4m him...lmao heights of Craziness!!Then we shared a couple more 10 mins Chats 4 vch recall My same dramatic reaction;) I would find reasons 2 chat vth him..1 of the Most Funny Reason was My presentation skills Individual project...I Had done an Entire project jus 4 d reason of chattin vth Him..It was "Campus and Career Abroad" dat helped me 2 exchange Few mails vth him...Though n d Project I scored high too :P

P.S : I was his Mom's favourite :D

Cut Cut Cut!! Its 3:07 am now nd y D hell am i Dumpin My Lovely Sleep 4 describing Some Shit-Head sittin at d other end of d Globe who Doesnt even realizes dat I Exist!! Jus 4 d Unfair Reason Of He Being My First Ever Crush..Some1 who made me Blush, Day-Dream, Who taught me 2 be crazy, silly, romantic, sweet, impressive, flirty and Much More..I was way too Crazy abt him and i loved d fact dat i was So...I loved it wen My Friends Used 2 tease Me mentioning Him..I Loved d Moment of when Meera found his orkut profile within a hour of Me tellin her abt it...I Loved It wen I hear her say "Hmmm He lookz Good..huh"...I loved every moment Of waitin 4 His reply in Orkut...I Loved it wen He Accidentally called Me Up As A Wrong Call...Loadz Of "Moments" 2 b Loved..

But But But Nothin Sparked Coz "I Didn't Love Him"...I Had a liking 4 him..But On My Context Love is Different..I Cant Define it Either..But I M sure of Doin It As soon As I Find D Guy who Makes me Realize "The Meanin Of LoVe"....As Kajol Says In Pyar toh hona Hi Ta ..."Pyaar aur Pasand ke beech mein bahut Faraq hote hain" Blah blah blah...Beforeee i Blabber moree, lemme Stop here nd say TadaoO Bbyeee Tk Care C Ya 2 D Ultimately Patience and tolerance Blessed Souls Reading This Blog ;)

Where u xpecting a Cute love story with HappY enDingz...SorrY 4 DisappointinG You Awl...Its Not the EnD..Picture Abhi Bhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost ;) As Coz Der enters

=> Mr.
™ intO My InsaneLy Lovable Life as My SecoNd Crush.... :D

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Sunday, August 3, 2008
Well i Know i m a 24 hrs late in Wishing ds..Still In d other Part Of d Globe It would be Still Aug3 :P Normally 4 Such Occasions We Jus copy a Beautiful Poem/card 4m d web and post it over 4 a Wish...But I Dont Wanna do dat ds Tym...coz However pathetic it maybe i want the wish to be My Own..So here Goes It...


Alvia aka ( Chikki, Aloo, Toofy, Shonu, Olives, Alviii, Aloe Vera, Al, Dumbo, Aluvviiiaaa, StrawberrO, SissO, SweetO, dawwlingU, Junglee etC etC)


My F.R.I.E.N.D.S aka (DonkeYz, MonkeYz, StupiDz, IdioTz, DumbOz, StuppOz, SissOz, ShonUz, DumbasSz, EnemYz, !@#$%^&*z, DoGz etC etC)

Sub: A Request 2 All My Never 2 b Gr8 Friendz :D

UnRespected Devilz Of My Lyf,

I am suffering from Severe Disease of Missing U Awl Since d Last tym V Said Bye. So, i request You all to Kindly Send Me D Pain relief Dose -> "HuG vth Love" ASAP! I would Be Way Too Glad If even U Had a Bit Of The same Disease Caused By Me!! If so Dont forget 2 Avail Ur Medicine at d End of this Mail..:)

As Time Continues 2 Flow at Higher Speed Accompanied By Morons Like Career, Priorities Responsibilities, Dreams, Social Network Etc Etc Itz Tough 2 Have even Li'l Pit Stop breakz @ d Junction Of FriendshiP. No time neither for Realising How Special We r 2 some1 nor 2 Make Some1 realise how much He/She mean 2 Us!! And der Comes Blessed dayz lyk B'dayz, friendship dayz etc etc 2 Stop D journey 4 a second By A call/message And finally Restart Again Vth a Li'l Kiss Of Memories..Life Goes On and On...So If @ any Point Of life I Forget 2 Make My Pit Stop @ Ur Doorstep Plz Do Kindly Kick Me and Say " Dare Not U Forget 2 Disturb Me!" and Plz Remember.. It applies Vice Versa :D

Each of U hav really Bought Life into My World!! Thanx 4 Being so Special, Stupid, Idiotic, Irritating, LovinG, HugginG, dependable, supportive, Torturous, Teasing, Criticizing, Complementing and Fynally being Der 4 Me!! Ur Presence had made a Beautiful Mark In My World Of Memories!! U guyz r D Best!! Rock On\m/

Love You Sooo Sooo Muchhhhh....I hereby Promise 2 Continue My Tortures Till D last daY Of My Lyfe and even Later as a Devilish Angel Scaring U Around:)

D below Is Dedicated 4 Awl U Special Souls 4 Giftin Me Ur Love!! all I saY is ....
"I'll Be there 4 Ya!"

Kicking You In Advance.!!.

Yours Loving Torture,

P.S: A Warm teddy HuG attached.{Virus Found.Error:137 :P} nd B Kind enuf 2 Give Me My Prescribed Dose in D Comments Section ;)

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