Friday, June 20, 2008
Well Here I am 2 Wish 1 Of D Most Beautiful Person In My Life....My LovEly SiS Ms.Satya Srinivasan....:)

Happy Bday Shonu!!

Ds Lovely day Few Couple Of Years Back Heaven had Delivered A Sexy Naughty Devil 2 d Earth!!

Ohhh Yeahh dat was a World History 2 See a Devil 4m Heaven Not 4m Hell :P

So Here D Earth s Facing D Lovable Tortures Of Satya d Devil since So Nd So Yrs...Dnt Wrry Sweetheart i aint mentionin Ur Age :D

If D History Crap Has Got Over Lemme Strt d Tedious Job If Wishin Some funky Stuffs 4 Ya on Ds Bday!!

--A Choclate Truffle Cake 4 ya Made especially By D Gr8 Alvia :P--

-----A Beautiful Barbiee 4 You Neahh Not More Pretty Dan Ya;)-----

-----------Yur Fav Hott Coffee Made Jus 4 Ya;)-----------------------

----Fynally Here's Ur Zakka Sweetheart Wishin Ya Happy Bday;)-----

Hey Honey I m Sad Dat I M not At Town 2 Get Ya a Real Gift...Nywayz ds was a Li'l Effort of Mine 2 Bring In A Smile In Ur Devil Face :P Love Ya Loadz..Wishhh ya Worlds Most biggest happiness Package yUr Way....HugggO 4 Ya Shonu >-----O-----<

Loads of Love,


P.S : Sorry 4 D Delay!!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008
Well d tragedy has been Continuing since 1988...ohh Now Plz stop Calculatin My age Yu Dumbo!!:x

Oh yeaa if asked abt d definition 4 d wrd tragedy in My context..i would say itz jus a simple question dat i m Being unfairly subjected whenever i meet some1 4 d frst time...!Bfre u Conclude Nythn Weird lemme break Ur thoughts by givin up d answer...!

"Hey U hav a really unique name...By d way Wat does "Alvia" mean??"

I m sure Reading ds question...even Yu r on a urge 2 ask me d same....:X

Stop Stop Stop Bfre yu Question me Dat nd Der By End Up Being Kicked By Me..:P

So all dese years I was bugged answerin 2 whoever asked Me d abv qustn as
"Hey..Well...I Myself dont know wats d Meaning of Name...:( " Many wer amazed jus lyk d way U r now after Hearin dat 4m Me nd 2 My Surprise Few souls even tried 2 google It 2 Find Out!!Butt No Use!!:o

Nd Der Came d day Dat Striked Like a lightening Of Glow 4m heaven on an Innocent soul resistin in d earth!! Ohhh well D torch was held by My Lovely Brother Tj aka ChiMpZu, an equally insane soul like Me whom i Found in Orkut :D While Postin in community a Guy was continuously Irritatin Me askin 4 d Meanin as when My Dumbo Frend Tj Gave a Helpin Hand By declarin D Meanin of My Name 8)

Well as Per His explanation here goes it,

"Alvia" -> "ae + lv + yia"-> "I + love + ya"

If Ur ConFused By D Sudden Entry Of Mathematical equation here...Den Here i am 2 Solve it...!

Try Spelling "I LoVe Ya" for 10 times Without break...der u ll b endin as "iLvya"...vch Can Far be heard As "Alvia" :P

Lmao....U C Only Gr8 People like Him Can think Of Such an Explanation 4 My Name...Hee hee Watever...I Finally Gt Somethn 2 Answer Wen Some1 Asks 4 d meanin Of My Name ;)
Since, den I Strted Feelin Lyk a Blessed Soul Who is Been Loved By Nybdy nd Everybdy who calls her By Her Name :D

P.S: So 4 all Yu People Knowin Alvia ,Thanx 4 d being so Expressive in Ur love 2 Me By Callin Out aloud "iloveyaaa" :P

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